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Discover The Ultimate Show & Pleasure Horse. The Paso Fino horse reflects the Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace and elegance. Modern care and selective breeding have enhanced its beauty, refinement and well-proportioned conformation that conveys strength and power without extreme muscling. With its lively but controlled spirit, natural gait, presence, and responsive attitude, the Paso Fino is, indeed, a rare and desirable equine partner. Visit our History page to learn more about the Paso Fino horse. Join Us! Would you like to be part of the next Big Thing? Join the Virginia Presidential Paso Fino Horse Association (VAPPFHA) and help support the promotion of the Paso Finos in Virginia and surrounding areas. See the Join VAPPFHA page for additional information.

The Virginia Presidential Paso Fino Horse Association currently holds two USEF/PFHA double-pointed shows each year. Our shows are held at the Virginia Horse Center Foundation in Lexington, Virginia.

Mark Your Calendars! The Virginia Presidential PFHA Event II will be held July 29 - 31, 2016. July 2016 Prize Book **

**July Prize Book dated 19 July, 2016, is the 3rd revision to the original Prize Book. The July 2016 Class List has been modified to include "Geldings 5 - 6 yrs old" and "Geldings 7 yrs & older" classes in Amateur Performance, Amateur Classic Fino, Pleasure, Performance and Classic Fino.

An Unbeatable Prize Offer!!
Charles Rechtenbach has made a very generous $$ PRIZE $$ offer for the July 2016 show. $100 will be awarded to the 1st place exhibitors for the following classes in SHOW #2:

Amateur Pleas. Champ. Fillies/Mares | Amateur Pleas. Champ. Geldings | Amateur Pleas. Champ. Colts/Stallions
Amateur Perf. Champ. Fillies/Mares | Amateur Perf. Champ. Geldings | Amateur Perf. Champ. Colts/Stallions
Fino Sub-JR/JR Champ. | Amateur Classic Fino Champ. Mares | Amateur Classic Fino Champ. Geldings
Amateur Classic Fino Champ. Colts/Stallions | Pleas. Sub-JR/JR Champ.| Perf. Sub-JR/JR Champ.

Please note that a minimum of 3 participants (per class) is required. If 1st place is split, prize money will be split.
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