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VAPPFHA Site Map. Welcome to the VAPPFHA website and thanks for stopping by! Our site is user friendly and easy to navigate and can be viewed in any browser. You will need to have Java Script enabled to see the animations on our Home page and to use the drop-down menu. You can also use the links below to navigate our site.

Home Page - Provides a brief intro to the Virginia Presidential Paso Fino Horse Association and highlights upcoming events. The icons at the bottom of the page provide links to several equine-related resources.

Join VAPPFHA - Provides Info on VAPPFHA membership types and price rates. You can also download a printable membership application.

Shows - Provides information on our two annual VAPPFHA events. Both events are USEF/PFHA double-pointed shows.

History - Provides a brief history of the Paso Fino horse and an explanation of its unique gaits.

Trail Riders - Provides info on upcoming trail rides (held in conjunction with our VAPPFHA shows) and includes some ideas for trail involvement.

Newsletter - Provides an intro to the VAPPFHA newsletter (eNews), links to current and past issues, as well as contact info for the eNews Editor.

Contact Us - Provides general contact info for VAPPFHA as well as names/contact info for the VAPPFHA officers.

Helpful Links - Provides Paso Fino and other equine-related links.

Legal - Provides info on the VAPPFHA Copyright Statement and Privacy Policy.

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