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Info For Trail Riders

Ticket To Ride
Ticket to Ride is a program that PFHA members can participate in for free. See the printable Ticket to Ride Form for additional information.

Ideas For Trail Involvement

If you know the trails at the host location, offer to help your Trail Host lead a group. Often we have those who prefer to go slow, or are on a young horse and prefer a smaller group. Also, if we have more than 10 horses, it's nice to split into smaller groups to ride and meet back at an allotted time and location.

Coordinate with your Host to help lead a group. Offer help with food. Not everyone rides or prefers to ride as long as the trail may be. If you are a short-ride person, or a non-rider who has tagged along to enjoy the day, ask your Host what you can do while the others are riding. You can volunteer to set up tables or pick up ice, drinks, or food.

Things You'll Need To Bring. Things you should bring to the trail ride include lawn chairs, shovel and/or poop-scooper. Please clean up after yourself (and your horse!). Leave no trace at the facilities so we may continue to ride there.
Trail Riders On Paso Fino Horses
PFHA Trail Rides. If you know of any trail rides that your region is sponsoring, tell your region you want them submitted to the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA). If your rides are submitted to the PFHA, they will be listed on the website, on E-News, in the magazine, and in Association information packets for free. This means more people will attend and if you would like to participate in other trail programs provided by the PFHA (e.g., Ticket to Ride, Pleasure Trail, Endurance Trail, Competitive Trail), you can use these rides as sanctioned trail rides.
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